Get a College education and play Soccer

You can do it yourself 

 *International Students guide to Soccer in America 

Follow these steps and get started in your dream: 

# 1 - Translate all your school documents to english. 

* It is recommended that this translation be done by a certified translator

#2 - Take the standardized College exams necessary for acceptance into University 

* Some Universities do not require these exames and you can take a specific College entry exam for that institution 

#3 - Register with the eligibility center of the Association you are interested in playing under

#4 - Get in contact with college coaches

* You can find coaches e-mails online on every Universities athletic website

* It is good to have a video of yourself playing soccer 

* The best option is to visit the University and participate in a tryout 

#5 - If you need any help in this process there are many International Student Exchange companies which offer this service

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